President-Elect Donald J. Trump – Time Magazine Person of the Year


Sometimes I still need to pinch myself that this is where we are today! Seemed like a dream these past 18 months or so. I am so proud of this accomplishment, because we all played a part in it. But this article-ugh-don’t even know where to start. I picture the writer wrapped in a body condom with a clothespin on his nose trying to write the piece, insuring that nothing came across as complimentary to Trump. It is written in the same tone as the “congrats to Kellyanne on running such a successful negative campaign” passive aggressive backhanded way.

I think my favorite line is that his winning was something “few had expected.” I keep hearing that and it just goes to show how they are still in denial, still living in their bubble. If “few” had predicted it, why did so many go out and vote? Who were all those people at the rallies? Who were all those people on FB, Twitter, here, Breitbart, Reddit, etc…? To these people, it’s as if we never existed and just materialized from nowhere.

Another insightful part is when the writer talks about Trump inciting fear & anger. That’s so funny because he never incited anything. He simple saw that it was already there, and gave it a voice. Not the other way around. Trump has said this himself on numerous occasions. This election wasn’t about it, but about the forgotten man, the one who’s voice had been silenced for so long. The one who was told that any disagreement with the progressive narrative labeled you a hater, a racist, blah blah blah. I think the moment he hooked me was when a reporter told him it wasn’t “PC” to use the term “anchor babies” and Trump said, yeah, that’s OK, I’m going to use the term anyway.

It’s crazy how the MSM and the left think they were tricked by Trump. But no-they were tricked by their own self-absorption. They fed into their own narrative that anyone who disagreed with them were unimportant fringe groups. They never realized that the people they “successfully” silenced never went away. They were still there, waiting for a chance to be heard, waiting for a chance to use their voice. And now that we’ve won, we’ve opened a hornet’s nest of their own hate and vitriol they’ve concealed with a false shroud of “tolerance” and “love.”

They will continue to sputter and lash out, but just like bees, who go off to die after stinging their victims, they too shall fade away. They haven’t realized just how thoroughly defeated they are, clutching on to a meaningless “popular vote victory” while ignoring the fact that they have lost the White House, both houses of Congress, majority of governorships and state legislatures. Many will still bump around speaking to each other, lashing out at those that defeated them, as if they still have a voice. But little by little, Trump will succeed, our country will grow strong and be prosperous again, and God willing, be safe again. And then, their voices will die down. They will realize that we are the greatest country in the world, that we are the only country where all are truly free regardless of race, creed, orientation, gender, etc…

Thank God for Donald J. Trump!

Donald Trump


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