Why Would Mom of Black Daughter Vote for Trump (continued)


In a continuation of my saga with my extended relative on FB that was flabbergasted that the mother of a black daughter could ever vote for Trump. UPDATE: After sending her a heartfelt, lengthy, detailed response to her, upon her request, I have yet to receive a response from her. So I figured I would share excerpt of my response here, so that at least a few of my visitors might read a bit of it. Feel free to take a snippet or two to use at the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday with those wonderful, well-meaning SJWs that you have in YOUR family!

OK-I will try to explain to you my reasoning, in spite of the fact that you still haven’t provided me with the apology I requested for what you said. When I say to reflect upon how you spoke to me, I’m not saying it from a mean place, but a reasonable one. Your post was personal, insulting, and quite frankly, in your definition, racist. Assuming that someone would or should vote for a candidate based upon the color of your skin or their skin or their child’s skin, is definitely racist. Don’t get me wrong. I am not offended. In my opinion, being offended is a choice.  If I spent my whole life being offended by every little thing, I won’t live to be 50 (shit that’s next year!) So I am not offended as much as it tells me your opinion of me is not very good. It tells me that your opinion of me is that I must be blind, misinformed, biased, stupid, or any one of the favorite phrases that I see thrown around like candy these days-sexist, racist, homophobic, xeonophobic, etc….

Not being able to comprehend why someone would see things differently from you, is not reasonable, nor productive, in my opinion, rendering debate a fruitless endeavor, as you refuse to open yourself up to the possibility that someone else might have a valid opinion that differs for yours. The idea that your opinion is better, or more correct than someone else’s, quite frankly makes you appear smug, above the other person, that you have more integrity, insight or just goodness about you. Would you want to be a friend to someone who thinks your opinions are stupid or that you are any of the things you assume of others? Would you be able to be persuaded by people who act that way toward you? Or would you avoid them like the plague. You might even possibly be tempted to actually disagree with them just for the fun of it.

(To be continued….)


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