How Could a Mom of a Black Daughter Vote for Donald Trump??? (Part One of a Series)

We all have at least one of those ridiculous Facebook “friends” who posts all sorts of memes and articles all spreading hate, division, bias, etc… Now on Twitter, I do post a lot of that kind of stuff because first, you only have a 140 characters and second, my Twitter followers are not my friends and family. I do not post political memes on my personal Twitter or Facebook sites. That said, if someone on Facebook posts political things, I will comment on them with my views. I do so very respectfully, without judgement and only with facts, or at times, my opinions, which I clearly state as my opinions.

So the other day, I had an extended family member I’ve known my whole life, make the following post in response to a comment I made disputing her original post that Trump mocked a reporter for his disability. This is literally a cut-and-paste of her comments:

“Respectfully, his actions speak for themselves. He can try his revisionist spin, but Trump is a hateful liar. Trying to sell people on the idea that he didn’t mean to demean a journalist who has cerebral palsy is something (1) you may have to do to live with your choices, but he has been explicitly demeaning and hateful to women, black people, hispanics and latinos and the disabled. (2) As the mother of a black child, how do you like the fact that he assumed a black supporter was a protestor and had him kicked out of one of his rallies because of the color of his skin. For Trump and his bullying, degrading ilk, it’s all about white nationalism and keeping economic power in an evolving world. It is disgusting. (3) I don’t understand your defense of such an elitist prick. (4) Honestly, it is heartbreaking that people I know and have long term relationships with support this guy. (5) I hope we can agree to disagree and leave it at that.”

This blog post will not address the issues at hand, but rather the way she felt compelled to attack me PERSONALLY to forward her argument.  (I have bolded the text I feel applies here and added in my own numbers.)

(1) “you may have to do to live with your choices” – It is always wise to brace yourself for the predictable personal attack by a liberal who has lost their argument on facts when they begin to use the word “YOU.” Apparently, she believes that because I am a Trump supporter, I feel the need to defend him in order to “live with my choices.” So not only is she basically calling me a liar/apologist, but she also is telling me I make bad choices in my life and my only way to hide/excuse them is to lie and make up stuff, which I have never done.

(2) “As the mother of a black child” – Now it is ON – after feeling pretty confident in taking me down a peg on a personal level, and hurling the proverbial Trump hate-adjectives, she’s ready to in for the real attack. She brings up my daughter. Yes-my 11 year old African American daughter. It’s out there now-for all the world to see. As a liberal she cannot comprehend how a mother of a black child could vote for Trump. She fails to realize that expecting someone to vote for a candidate because of the color of their skin, or the color of our skin, or in this case, my daughter’s sin, is by their very own definition RACIST! I do not get angry at this point, as I am a confident woman (who also doesn’t vote based on gender) and mother and know that her comment just said volumes more about HER than it ever could about me, my daughter, or even Trump himself.

(3) “I don’t understand your defense of such an elitist prick” – Again, note the use of the term “your.” I don’t understand why you defend an “elitist prick.” She didn’t ask the question – why don’t you believe he is an elitist prick. No. She assumes I believe he is an elitist prick (she thinks that way so it must be true) and yet still choose to defend him. It never enters her mind that perhaps, based on my knowledge and sound judgement that I may not agree with her OPINION. Radical liberals, unfortunately, only see their opinions as FACTS, making it impossible to debate.

(4) “Honestly, it is heartbreaking that people I know and have long term relationships with support this guy” – It breaks her heart that REAL people-ones she actually knows in real life-support him. So here, at least she acknowledges, that Trump supporters are actually REAL and they don’t just exist in some dark-web forums plotting for the new Holocaust to eliminate all blacks, Jews, people of color, gays and even women, from the face of the earth. It scares the crap out of her! Not because she is willing to believe that Trump supporters can actually be the kind, loving people she “thought” she knew. No. Because she has realized that many of the people she “thought” she knew were actually racists, sexists, homophobic, xenophobic, white supremacists and she needs to quickly find those wearing safety pins to run to!

(5) “I hope we can agree to disagree and leave it at that” – I think her closing line is actually my favorite. This line typifies the way a radical liberal thinks. I have just put you on blast in a very personal, insulting smack down, for all of our mutual friends and family to view, but now that I am finished, let’s agree to disagree and leave it there. Mmmmkay. So you have had your say now, and if I try to respond, I am someone who just can’t let it go. Apparently, she knows very little about me at all after all of these years. While I choose never to be “offended” or “hurt” or will run in a corner and cry, I will defend myself and my family against a very personal and very public attack on me.

Here is my response:

“Respectfully-as possibly after reading your post-you need to take a good hard look in the mirror at what would make YOU say something so disgustingly ignorant about something you have no idea about, respectfully. None of my posts have ever personally attacked you or your friends. I have simply responded with my side of things. I enjoy good political debate, but when you decide to personally attack me, you lose your argument and potentially, our friendship. If you have any respect for me,  as a lifelong extended family member, you should step back, rethink your post and apologize personally to me and my family for questioning my intentions and judgment as a mother. And if you think attacking me makes you the smarter person and the “right” person and our relationship means nothing, then so be it. But while you are at it, you should realize that it is precisely this kind of behavior, not Trump’s, that lost Hillary the election. PS, beginning a post with the word respectfully, while being disrespectful the rest of the post, is not, in fact, respectful.”

This story continues and I will detail progress in subsequent posts. I would love your thoughts and to hear your stories of how this election has had an impact on your personal relationships.



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