Tearing the Bud off of the Rose


I remember many Presidential Elections and the aftermath of those elections. Most of them were celebrations! Some, not so much. I remember the day Obama won the election. Admittedly, it was a sad and scary day in our household. Not because what the left may have you believe-that we were upset that a black man had won the Presidency. No. As a matter of fact, it actually made me sad that the first black president was one I wholeheartedly despised. One I disagreed with on almost every issue. But more importantly, one I disagreed with the most fundamental of issues with him on, which was putting America’s interests ahead of foreign interests.

I watched the celebrations in the streets, splattered across every media outlet in the world. People were dancing, smiling, singing. I remember a spontaneous gathering of hordes of people in front of the White House, celebrating the election of our first African American president. I was disappointed in the man we nominated, Senator John McCain, as a person that failed to fight for us, for our country and make a serious effort to defeat a candidate simply because he feared the liberal backlash of being called a racist. Simply as that really, in my opinion.

As I watched, I’ll admit. There was a part of me that felt like screaming, like busting up the party, like telling all of these people they had been fooled by a young, glossy, empty suit who would try to destroy our country. I knew then of his socialism, his racism, his globalism, and his utter disdain and disrespect for our country.  But there was also a part of me that was envious. A part that wanted to be there to celebrate the victory. A part of me that was sad I wasn’t invited to the party I wouldn’t have attended anyway.  So I sat and waited for the day when it was my turn-our turn-to celebrate some day when we won.

So here we are, 8 years later, and it is finally our turn to celebrate. But no-that can’t be allowed to happen. Even though we won the election, the left, along with the media, did not and will not allow us to celebrate. Instead, they chose to fill the streets once again, but this time, not with their message of joy, but their message of hate. Even though Trump won the presidency, his supporters would not be allowed to be shown celebrating. Even though they lost, they still demanded that it was their voices that were heard. And hear them we did.

One thing that makes this country great is that every 4 years, we decide on a new leader. While campaigns can be tough, it is the honor and respect for the office, because that office was selected by the people based upon the Constitution, that is celebrated. I’ll admit that I hated Obama and Clinton (never hated Carter-nice man/bad President.) But never once did I question the legitimacy of their presidencies. While I may not have respected the men at all, I still respected the Office that he held, because it was decided by the people. We lost. They won. Try again in 4 years.

But now twice in my lifetime I have seen the left steal our thunder. Steal the day we could have and should have celebrated. Once when Al Gore decided to fight tooth & nail for weeks through the courts, and all the way up to SCOTUS, to steal the election of George W. Bush. It was ugly. It was vengeful. It was ridiculous. Then for the next 4 years, Bush’s legitimacy was called into question until he finally won reelection and received his mandate.

But even then, there was nothing close to what the left has done this year to what should be a historical and great time in our democracy. A day when once again, we had a new President, selected by the people according to the Constitution. Where the peaceful transition of power is to be celebrated regardless of who you voted for. But they can’t let that happen. 8 years of a President who has given them everything, a press who has supported him and a Republican Congress & a SCOTUS who has given him Carte Blanche, they have emboldened themselves to believe that the election of Donald Trump cannot possibly be legitimate, because they say so.

So starting the day after one of the most historical victories in our country, where the new President had never served office, had been mocked and ridiculed at every turn, who defeated the entire political and media establishment, including his own party, we see demonstrations and riots, in place of celebrations. We see signs saying #NotMyPresident, calling our new president as well as his supporters, some of the most vile names you can possibly think of.  They were out in our streets, they were on our private social media accounts, attacking family & friends who supported Trump. There were calls for assassination. There are calls to overturn the Electoral College. And worst of all, there have been calls to rape our next First Lady, as the sign boldly states, visible to the horde of people who stand behind it, yet have no problem with it’s message.

This will not be an easy 4 years. They will keep this up. Part of me wants them to, because every day they keep this up, it brings us one step closer to the reelection of President Trump in 2020. And as long as they keep it up, the longer they will continue to lose elections. But it is annoying. It is distracting. It is saddening. And it is infuriating. But I will not let them win. Ever again. Each day we Trump supporters will gather in places like this and continue to celebrate, spread truth the media won’t, and continue to fight the good fight.

God Bless President-Elect Donald Trump and God Bless America



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