Our Next First Family


When I saw this photo, I was truly taken aback and my heart filled with pride. While the MSM and his detractors continue to demean and disparage this man, as well as his family, this photo represents something far greater.

I see a young boy, so proud of his father. He is may only be 10 years old, and his father will soon be the leader of the free world, but to him, this is his dad. His best friend. His hero. My dad was my hero too. He served his country in WWII and Korea. He nearly died of malaria at the end of his 2nd tour, but survived to become a husband and a father. My father was no great national leader or billionaire. He was a career painter and carpenter. A man who could single-handedly build a house, if necessary. A man who, after his tool box was stolen, put together my new bike I got for my birthday with a butter knife so I could at least see it put together. (Mind you, I was immediately told DON’T RIDE IT!) So to me, in his everyday acts of selflessness, kindness and unparalleled integrity, he was my hero in an even bigger way than any world leader ever could. This is what I see in this young man’s eyes. Love, pride and honor at realizing that the whole world could now see the hero he’s always known his dad to be. And I thank young Mr. Trump for sharing his father with us, the American People, for the next 4, and hopefully 8 years.

I see a beautiful woman, who when she speaks with her thick Slovenian accent in her 4th of 5 fluent languages, English, I see grace. I see the grace of a woman who worked her way to America in order to enjoy the privilege of becoming a citizen in the greatest country on earth. I see a woman that could have easily told her husband that she and her son would not support his decision to run for President. I see a woman who agreed, wholeheartedly, to give up her privacy, knowing pictures would be published and that she would be ridiculed. I see a woman who knows that if she had not supported her husband, he would likely have never won the Presidency. When given the choice, she chose to serve the country of which she is grateful and honored to be a citizen. I see strength in character, immense pride and intense love for her husband and her son. And I thank Mrs. Trump, our next First Lady, for sacrificing her amazing life, to support her husband and her country for us.

I see a man. A giant among men. A lion. A fierce competitor and a winner. I see in his eyes the kind of determination that is required to lead us through the fire, to bring us into victory and to yes-make America great again.  A see a man who has overcome failures in his life, as we all do, and overcame those failures to ultimately achieve even greater accomplishments at each and every turn. I see a husband who honors his lovely wife and cherishes his children. I see a father who has raised 4 amazing adults, each brilliant, hard-working, passionate and loyal to him. And not just that, a father who has passed along his love for his country onto each and every one of them. More important than any skyscraper, golf course or casino he has built, Don, Jr., Eric, Ivanka and Tiffany Trump are his greatest achievements. And his connection with young Barron is so evident in this photo it warms my heart. I have no doubt that the sleepy little Barron we saw bravely stand next to his father in front of the world as he gave his victory speech will grow into a man where he will also make his family and America proud.

Most importantly, I see a family. Certainly not like the typical American family in many ways. Most of us aren’t billionaires living in a gilded palace overlooking the world below. But they are like us more than many care to admit. These people are warriors. This family has chosen to take on abuse, criticism, and very real threats in order to do what they think is the right thing for their country. When I watched the interview on 60 minutes, my husband looked at me a bit mockingly, as my eyes welled up with tears when they were asked if the campaign had hurt the Trump brand. Their immediate reaction was “who cares?” Sounds a bit silly, I know. But I think it was truly at that moment when I realized just what this man and his family have willingly, and without hesitation, sacrificed and risked for US.

So I am going to hang onto this photo and refer to it often. I will use it to remind myself of what true bravery and sacrifice is the next time I am asked to make a sacrifice in my own life. I will refer to it when I am down, or when things don’t always go the way we may hope. I make no mistake that this journey will not be without challenges and even some setbacks. But I will use this photo to remind me that we haven’t had someone on our sides like this since Ronald Reagan, and will trust in him to always put America first.

Thank you President-Elect Trump, Mrs. Trump, Don, Jr., Eric, Ivanka, Tiffany, Barron and the rest of the Trump family for stepping up for us. I pledge to stand by you each and every step of the way, and in my own small way, be a warrior myself. Each day I will awake knowing that together, and with God’s graces, we WILL Make America Great Again!

God Bless the Trump Family


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