Trump Won-What Now?


Congratulations! And welcome to my blog!I would like to start with just a few words to introduce myself to you and explain why I’ve decided to start a blog.

I am Deplorable Babe, aka Trump Babe.  I am a woman who voted for Trump! I am primarily conservative, but have been known to be a bit on the socially liberal side. But most importantly, I believe in personal liberty. I believe in the right to express my opinions freely and without threat of legal, financial or employment consequences. I am married with 3 adopted children. My oldest is Hispanic, my middle is white and my youngest, my beautiful daughter, is African American. I am raising them to respect the opinions and beliefs of others, while standing strong on their own. I refuse to allow any of them to think of themselves as victims. I raise them to appreciate the liberties and opportunities provided them by a country like no other in this world, and how proud and fortunate they are to be citizens of this great country.

The simple truth is that I’ve had enough to say over the course of my life to fill a book. And yet, for the most part, I remained silent. Sure, I posted in some forums and even finally started a Twitter page @deplorablebabe. While allowing my thoughts to be heard and felt by others, I quickly realized that due to the fact I have been silent for so long, I’ve got a lot still in my brain that needs to get out-and 140 characters just isn’t enough.

So here we are, after a year and a half of following his campaign, praying for his success, getting the good word out and of course, voting for him, Donald J. Trump is now the President-Elect of the United States of America! We have celebrated, cried tears of joy, spent a little time gloating online and can sleep a lot better at night than we have in years. I feel like I was 49 years old on November 8th and woke up 41 years old on November 9th. My heart and my soul was given an 8 year reset and a new life. But more importantly, it gave me so much more hope for the future of our country, for my children, and ultimately their children’s sake.

So what now? We’ve still got Soros-paid lunatics running through the streets. I suppose none of us actually thought that they would allow history’s most stunning political upset be about anything else but them, right? So what do we do? Where do we go from here. We now will have the power, so I would like this blog to focus on what we will do as great American patriots going forward. So please share your thoughts, your personal stories and most importantly your OPINIONS!!! Your opinions will be be respected, welcome and valued here. All I ask is that you show mutual respect for me and your fellow posters. Simple as that. And please, keep it clean, as much as possible. I look forward to hearing from all of you!



4 thoughts on “Trump Won-What Now?

  1. Hi there, Deplorable Babe, it’s nice to not be constrained by 140 characters! I’ve followed your tweets for weeks and I’m glad you are blogging now. I will be following your blog.

    The election is finally over, but in light of the insanity of the ensuing riots, this may only be just beginning. I live in a sanctuary city on the east coast, there have been marches but no violence from what I can tell. That could change fast!

    My takeaway from this election is, among many things, that all of us have been lied to, shamelessly. By media, government, and academia. The people who have a grievance against Donald Trump have misplaced anger. They should take up the matter with the DNC who defrauded Bernie Sanders out of the democratic nomination. Trump won, fair & square. I hope they see the light before too much damage is done.

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  2. Mercer should really fire you. So many hours in and you are not making any impact whatsoever.

    Get to work! Stop being useless. PUSH THE TALKING POINTS YOU WERE GIVEN. Stop slacking. You are barely visible on social media. YOU ARE NOT GETTING THE BOTS FOR NOTHING.

    Final warning before you are being fired from the Social Media team.


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